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About Us

Our Story

We are doing what we love to do! we love to gather around food and bring people together. Our passion for cooking and experimenting with different Mexican authentic ingredients led to finally make a dream come true. To join the food industry by starting a taco stand in Pierce County and now have transitioned to a food trailer! We serve what we grew up with and what we serve our family and friends. We are first generation from Immigrant Mexican parents who kept tradition and culture engraved in us through language, food, lifestyle and beliefs. Raised in the tough neighborhoods of Los Angeles CA we managed to survive being teen parents and navigate life on our own. All we have is a product of our hard work and determination. We know what it is to have a challenging path in life.

We are known for our food and our hospitality and diversity as well as being engaged in our communities and civic engagement. When we cook, everyone eats! friends, guest, family and neighbors! we share our food with everyone and anyone. Our unique steamed barbacoa, steamed carnitas have been a hit to so many palettes. We do not cook on a flat griddle, we steam, we grill, we Sautee and eliminate short cuts to bring you quality food. Our menu is diverse from steamed meats to grilled wild caught mahi-mahi, salmon and shrimp. Fresh salsas and anything we try at home in the Lopez Cocinita (small little kitchen lab). While keeping it all authentic.

We hope to become role models, mentors and inspirational to our diverse communities and first time business owners. We want to inspire minority women, women, mothers and anyone who is scared to take that first step. to take that first step into business ownership