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About us

Lopez Cocinita Lab LLC offering authentic food with a menu that will surprise you every time. Whether you are craving steamed barbacoa tacos or grilled fish tacos, maybe you want some rib eye steak or a cup noodle with barbacoa broth or some Mexican corn in a cup. We offer our signature shredded beef steamed wrapped in banana leaf. Our fun and famous walking taco filled with bursting flavors all in a bag of Mexican tortilla chips topped with our signature chipotle crema. Our delicious tostadas have become popular, a flat crispy tortilla topped with beans, meat, lettuce, pico, cheese and chipotle crema. Our salsas freshly made vary in heat to satisfy your heat tolerance. Habanero, roasted poblano, roasted cayenne amongst many others. Enjoy not just the food but the experience, the ambiance and hospitality. We gather people, celebrate, eat and network, with an ambiance that embraces diversity.